Human stem cells are the cells with ability to divide and differentiate to any cell types in human body. The embryonic and adult stem cells are considered the sources that can be utilized to develop regenerative therapies for various diseases.
Shiraz Institute for Regenerative Medicine (SIRM) was established in 2012 to enhance collaborative multidisciplinary basic and translational research work among stem cell laboratories in different departments and research centers in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences to pave the way for implementation of new therapies for diseases that affect different organ systems such as the nervous, skin, hematopoietic, liver, pancreas, and  bone and joint. Our team of scientists and physicians has devoted their efforts to advance the current knowledge and understanding of the biology of stem cells and their applications for new medical treatments.
Vision of SIRM
Shiraz Institute for Regenerative Medicine (SIRM) is committed to explore stem cell biology and help to invent the new therapeutic approaches in curing diseases. We try to push the basic knowledge towards development of  new diagnostic and therapeutic methods to improve human health.
A.   To gain  deeper understanding of basic stem cell biology
B.   To establish the combination of facilities,  resources and equipment for stem cell research
C.   To establish and manage the system to support researchers and clinicians
D.   To establish the MSc and PhD programs in stem cell research.
E.   To promote collaboration and communication between research scientists nationally and globally by holding stem cell related conferences and workshops
Shiraz Institute for Regenerative Medicine (SIRM) 
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